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Door in the Wall, The
(ISBN: 1-877946-39-7)

Author(s): Jaro, Benita Kane Pages: 323
Publisher: Permanent Press Date of Publication: 1994
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Rome & Empire Period: 1st century BC (Code: 5d)
Rome Setting: y/2 Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person: y
Detective/Narrator: Caelius
Subject: Marcus Caelius Rufus, spendthrift, womanizer, political opportunist, writes his memoirs, reflecting on his training under Cicero & his alliance with Caesar, whom Caelius finds not only able but also cruel & sexually exploitive.
Unique Qualities:
Rating: Praised on the dust jacket by Allen Ward & Judy Hallet for bringing the characters & the ambience of Cicero & Caesar's Rome to life. ---This book is much better than The Key - more restrained in writing (though still somewhat overwritten), and more interesting in its depiction of politics and personal relationships. It is strange to read here the same poems and paragraphs as were in The Key. Its drawback is the structure: having the story told as flashbacks works no better here than in the first book. A far better example of this type of writing and structure is Mario de Carvalho's book. (R Breindel)
Review By: James DeRoche
Review In: LibJ Jan 1994. Caelius is 'a flawed hero who is nevertheless sympathetic & noble' & Jaro's 'depiction of battle & political struggle exciting.'

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