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Island of Ghosts

Author(s): Bradshaw, Gillian [Marucha] Pages: 319
Publisher: Forge Date of Publication: 1992
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Britain Period: 175 AD (Code: 8a)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: Sarmatian cavalryman in Brit in time of Marcus Aurelius. --- A band of Sarmatians comes to Roman Britain during Marcus AureliusÕ reign. Ariantes, one of the leaders, has left behind a defeated nation and a dead family. Proud of his culture, he gradually adapts to Roman customs, foiling a murder attempt and an insurrection of Picts and evil Druids. (R Breindel)
Unique Qualities: Work of same title by Eilis Dillon 1950. Out of print. Reprint 1998, Tom Doherty, NY
Rating: This is an excellent book. The characters are well-drawn and very sympathetic, especially Ariantes; I was surprised that I could like a man who scalped his enemies and made a coat of their hair and who drank proudly from the skull of the defeated. A fine book for high school and above. (R Breindel)

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