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Dominic : a picaresque novel of ancient Rome

Author(s): Robinson, Kathleen Pages: 439
Publisher: St. Martin's Date of Publication: 1991
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Gaul, Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Germany Period: 375 AD (Code: 9b)
Rome Setting: y/4 Christian/Jewish/Pagan:
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: Dwarf juggler & slave in late Rome travels from Gaul to Alexandria & gains his freedom. --- Dominic, an orphaned Christian child, is also a dwarf, and after he is sold into slavery, he is trained as an acrobat to perform with the pagans. Adamson/WHF '98
Unique Qualities:
Rating: My older son found this in a 'Buck a Book' store, and that is even more than the book is worth. Dominic, the hero, is a dwarf born in the waning of the Roman Empire. His trials and tribulations in the first half of the book include his mother dying in child-birth, his father killed before his eyes when trying to rescue a Robin Hood-style friend, an evil uncle, sale to gypsies, death of gypsies, sale to a noble in Cappadocia, return to Rome, and that's just in the first 250 pages! The next section is composed of sado-masochism in a castle on the German border; after a few pages of this I skipped 150 pages to his escape. This book certainly needed a good editor. (R Breindel)

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