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(ISBN: 895264439)

Author(s): Leckie, Ross Pages: 245
Publisher: Regnery Publ. Date of Publication: 1996
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Italy Period: ca. 218-201 BC (Code: 4a)
Rome Setting: Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person: y
Detective/Narrator: Hannibal
Subject: Story of the Second Punic War. --- 'Begins with a scarred and defeated Hannibal, who recounts how he came from the shores of North Africa to the heart of the Italian peninsula...a realistic psychological profile and a well-researched account of the ancient general's life and military exploits. [Describes} Hannibal's tactics and the brilliance of his strategy, while rounding out the story with insights into Hannibal's family and marital life.' (Amazon.com)
Unique Qualities:
Rating: New York Times Book Reviewer, Scott Veale, liked it:. . .a lusty, full-throttle portrait of the great Carthaginian general. . .The writing. . .is direct and unflinching. . .one is finally left with the powerful image of a lonely, haunted leader, stewing in his hatred and brooding obsessively about his actions. (quoted at Amazon.com). But Amazon.com readers wantec & mirsky did not much care for it, seeing it as lacking depth or solid historical feel.------- Hawking says: 'The cloying, rich, sweet and sickening, sticking, stinking smell of deathÓ is the kind of phrase which typifies the novel. Whether you like the work may depend on whether you respond to this vivid kind of description of brutality.'

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