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Gladiator, The: Hill of the Dead
(ISBN: 0-523-00765-5)

Author(s): Quiller, Andrew Pages: 126
Publisher: Granada Publishing Date of Publication: 1975
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Rome & Palestine Period: 73-83 AD (Code: 7c27c)
Rome Setting: y/4 Christian/Jewish/Pagan: j/p
Mystery: n First Person: n
Subject: A Roman soldier fighting during the first Jewish War befriends some Jews and becomes a gladiator. Written in a confusing format with flashbacks, etc. (C.R. Carlson) ---Marcus Julius Britannicus (born in Britain in 55 AD, according to the cover), who takes the arena name of Vulpus (Fox) is the gladiator of the opening & closing chapters. The rest of the book flashes back to the gladiatorÕs amorous adventures and a long account of the Masada seige. Characters include Poppaea & Agrippina, but not the famous ones.
Unique Qualities: The Gladiator series (in US editions) and The Eagles, in UK editions. vol 1

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