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Choice of Destinies, A

Author(s): Scott, Melissa Pages: 314
Publisher: Baen Date of Publication: 1986
Reading Level: Genre: alt-hist
Setting: Rome Period: ca 330 BC (Code: 3a)
Rome Setting: y Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: ÒAfter the conquest of Persia, Alexander of Macedon returned west to quell a rebellion of League cities. His return and dealings with early Rome.Ó (Alternate History List) ------ ÒAn Alexander alternate history in which he is recalled to the west by a Greek uprising, gives up on the East and turns *west* to face Rome and Carthage. A convincing basic plot, but this is definitely early Scott. The characters lack the depth she achieves in her later, award-winning work, and she has a tendency to make changes in history before the "alternate" line takes hold (Alexander never leveled Thebes, and married early with a son); these seem arbitrary and weaken the whole. Nevertheless, Scott's training in military history shows and one can overlook the weaknesses.Ó (Zimmerman in Yee)
Unique Qualities: same author wrote at least one Star Trek novel

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