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Lydian Baker, The
(ISBN: 0 340 71197 1 )

Author(s): Wishart, David Pages:
Publisher: Hodder Stoughton Date of Publication: 1998
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Rome Period: t/o Tiberius (Code: 7b1)
Rome Setting: y Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: y First Person: y
Detective/Narrator: Marcus Valerius Messalla Corvinus
Subject: 'Marcus Corvinus, in exile in Athens, is set the task of finding out how a valuable Greek artefact has suddenly come on the open market & who purchased it. His searches lead him into a dangerous world of organized crime.' (PostMortemBks) --- 'Wisecracking sleuth Marcus Corvinus is back and on the case of the Oracle of Delphi's treasure. In voluntary exile in Athens, Marcus Corvinus receives a letter from his antiquarian stepfather Priscus, who has learned that the 4-foot solid gold statue of a female baker, one of a large number of valuable gifts to the Delphic Oracle by the 6th century BC King Croesus of Lydia, has reappeared and is being offered for sale in Athens on the black market. He wants Corvinus to be his agent in buying it and Corvinus agrees. But, as a result, Corvinus finds himself caught up in the world of organised crime, as well as, more dangerously, in a deadly struggle of interests with other, less scrupulous, collectors.' (Rick Heli)
Unique Qualities:

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