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Two for the Lions
(ISBN: 892966939)

Author(s): Davis, Lindsey Pages: 416
Publisher: Random House Date of Publication: 1998
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Rome, N Africa Period: 73 AD (Code: 7c1)
Rome Setting: y/2 Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: y First Person: y
Detective/Narrator: M Didius Falco
Subject: 'Falco is forced again to work with Anacrites, not his favorite workmate in conjunction with the great census of 73 AD as well as missing relatives, gladiators, lions and a trip to Africa.' (Heli) --- 'Limbered with working alongside reptilian Chief Spy Anacrites, Falco has hit upon the perfect plan - offering his services to Vespasian and Titus in conducting the 'great Census' of AD 73 as a tax collector with draconian powers. If he does well, his fee will finally allow him to join the middle ranks and wed long-suffering companion Helena Justina. Meanwhile, Falco is needed to trace a relative who has eloped, and has a crazy plan for finding an extinct herb. Distracted by the apparent murder of a star man-eating lion, Falco uncovers a bitter rivalry between the gladiators' trainers. When a star gladiator also ends up dead Falco is forced to investigate. The trail leads to north Africa, with Helena Justina and little Julia in tow.'(internetBookShop) Sextus Julius Frontinus is a secondary character
Unique Qualities:

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