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Five Emperors
(ISBN: 1-58697-041-0)

Author(s): Gough, Alex Pages: 258
Publisher: Pulsar Books. Date of Publication: 2000
Reading Level: A Genre:
Setting: Rome, Germany, Lusitania Period: 66-69 AD (Code: 7b, 7c)
Rome Setting: y Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person: y
Detective/Narrator: Titus Aemilius Lepidus
Subject: ÒRome sees five Emperors in 2 years, and Titus (Aemilius Lepidus) sees his opportunity to gain the advancement he craves. But fulfillment eludes him as the double tragedies of the loss of his son and his wifeÕs miscarriage overtake him, and his loveless marriage offers him no comfort. Ultimately, civil war will teach him that happiness lies not in power, but with his best friendÕs wife.Ó (PublisherÕs blurb.) Most of the novel Titus is with Otho; at his death he goes over to Vespasian.
Unique Qualities: An e-book. Download from http://www.pulsarbooks.com/historical.html

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