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Lost Eagles

Author(s): Graves, Ralph Pages: 362
Publisher: Knopf Date of Publication: 1955
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Rome & Germany Period: t/o Augustus (Code: 6)
Rome Setting: y/2 Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: Young Severus Varus, who starts the novel as a youth just having won a double in the long race, promises the emperor Augustus to recover the 3 three standards lost to Arminius by his grandfather, Varus. At home, he contends with the arrogant Lucilius & meets him later in Germany as well, where Varus has gone undercover with the Germans in order to get & bring back the 3 eagles. He succeeds in part of his mission. Lots of information on German customs.
Unique Qualities:

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