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Sword of Caesar
(ISBN: 0-553-26531-8)

Author(s): Stevenson, Robin & Bruce Pages: 126
Publisher: Bantam Date of Publication: 1987
Reading Level: YA Genre:
Setting: Rome Period: t/o Caesar (Code: 5d)
Rome Setting: y Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person: n
Subject: Your task as time-traveller is to go back & find Caesar's battle-sword, lost after his assassination. --- "It isn't a novel as such, but a series of events from which the reader chooses a path through that era (49-44 BC).... it looks like it captures the essence of that time, with all of the main characters leading up to Caesar's death." ( Gordon Tibbles )
Unique Qualities: Time Machine, vol 18. designed for role playing; varying choices will jump you to different scenarios. Background information on the period is provided before the adventure starts.
Rating: Lots of mistakes in Roman history/terminology & very little literary value, but possibly fun for young teens, esp boys. (FM)

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