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Choice, The: a story of Christian faith

Author(s): Minear, Paul Sevier Pages: 320
Publisher: Westminster pr. Date of Publication: 1948
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Period: t/o Nero (Code: 7b5)
Rome Setting: Christian/Jewish/Pagan: c
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: "...This era of persecution & pagan pomp provides the setting for The Choice. Not a novel in the usual sense of the word, nor a historical essay, the book desribes within the framework of the story the nature of an early Christian group & the content of its faith..." (jacket blurb, courtesy of Katrina Jenkins, Windows Booksellers)
Unique Qualities: Minear included a letter of dedication, in which he indicated that "...many of the characters, like Clement, are historical; some of the events are fictional. Although much of it is imaginative, the whole story is true to the life of Christians in Rome during the first century, and true to the life of an individual as he first came to know Jesus." The storycenters on the historical Clement. Minear indicates that in writing this story, he's "...turning the clock back some thirty years (from the date of Clement's letter in A.D. 95) and picturing him on his first trip to Rome, his first contact with Christians, his reactions on first hearing about Jesus' message, and the experiences through which he discovered the meaning of discipleship." (Katrina Jenkins, Windows Booksellers)

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