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One for Sorrow
(ISBN: 1890208191)

Author(s): Reed, Mary (with Eric Mayer) Pages: 302
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Date of Publication: 1999
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Constantinople Period: t/o Justinian (Code: 9d)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: c/p
Mystery: y First Person: n
Subject: Lord Chamberlain to Justinian, John the Eunuch, finds his colleague Leukos, the Keeper of the Plate murdered and discovers several obvious suspects exist, one of whom is from King Arthur's court, looking for the Holy Grail.
Unique Qualities: first in a series; sequel is Two for Joy
Rating: 'provide readers an incredible and enlightening look into the sixth century reign of Emperor Justinian.' (H Klausner) Interesting to see story from viewpoint of non-Christian John, for whom Christianity 'seems incomprehensible and rather undesirable' (R Hyde)
Review By: Rachel Hyde
Review In: Historical Novel Society Review, 11 (March 2000)

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