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Byzantium's crown

Author(s): Shwartz, Susan Pages: 288
Publisher: Popular Library Date of Publication: 1987
Reading Level: Genre: alt-hist/fantasy
Setting: Byzantium Period: ca. 1000 AD (Code: 9e)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: First Person:
Subject: 'This is not strictly an historical novel, but a Fantasy one, as the Byzantine world being depicted is the one in some alternate universe, in which Antony Cosmocrator won the Battle of Actium and established Byzantium as the capital of his empire. There is a strong Egyptian influence, including the Egyptian religion.' (McKenny). 'Where east meets west, there lies Byzantium. Once capital to Antony and Cleopatra, born of a time when they did not die, but conquered Rome and ruled the world. Fabled Byzantium, a thousand years later... heavy with perfume, draped in silk, opulent heart of the wealthiest empire on earth." (jacket blurb)
Unique Qualities: Name also "Schwartz".

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