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Three, Six, Seven: Memoirs of a Very Important Man

Author(s): Vansittart, Peter Pages: 236
Publisher: Owen Date of Publication: 1983
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Brit Period: 5th-6th cent AD (Code: 9c)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan:
Mystery: n First Person: y?
Detective/Narrator: Drusus
Subject: ÒÉ portrays the period of the decline of Roman power in Britain through the eyes of Drusus who is presented as Ôa very important personÕ and who would never for a moment imagine there was the slightest tinge of irony in that characterisation. To convey the sense of the crumbling of authority and the decline of civilisation into hideous barbarism Vansittart deploys both historical documentation and novelistic imagination, for disaster in public affairs is reflected in the distorting mirror of personality. Drusus is experienced, cool-headed and able, as he imagines, to appraise situations and even to profit from them; in fact he cannot remain alien from the climate of his age, and we realise that he is a victim of the values he has inherited from a Rome which can itself no longer uphold them.Ó (20th-Cent. Hist. Writers, 655)
Unique Qualities: Cum. Fiction Index gives as time of setting "1st century".

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