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Blood Games

Author(s): Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Pages: 478
Publisher: St. Martin's Date of Publication: 1979
Reading Level: Genre: Horror hist nov
Setting: Rome Period: ca. 63-71 AD (Code: 7b5 - 7c1)
Rome Setting: y Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person: n
Subject: Vampire (discreet) and violence (esp in the circus maximus) during the last days of NeroÕs reign, through the year of the 4 emperors & into the reign of Vespasian.Petronius & Nero important characters early on; Vespasian, Titus & Domitian later.
Unique Qualities: 3rd in series about the ageless vampire Count de Saint- Germain. 1st, Hotel Transylvania, was set in 18th-cent Paris; 2nd, The Palace, in Renaisssance Florence. Tishtry, in this novel, appears on her own in the YA novel, Four Horses for Tishtry
Rating: Interesting, lively, if somewhat choppy read. Some questionable details of realia & absolute murder of Latin terms/names used. (FM)

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