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Judas, My Brother

Author(s): Yerby, Frank Pages: 543
Publisher: Dial Date of Publication: 1968
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Palestine Period: t/o Jesus (Code: 7a)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: j
Mystery: n First Person: y
Subject: ÒDemythologizedÓ account of Jesus
Unique Qualities:
Rating: Ò a very interesting novel about Jesus. It has the usual Yerby love story with lots of heavy breathing (not from Jesus, from the fictional central character!) but is really worth reading. Devout Christians may be offended, as it attempts to present a possible "real" life of Jesus the man in his historical context, without all the supernatural elements and mythology that became attached to him centuries after his death. It also has many explanatory or hypothesizing footnotes, which are fascinating reading. (Susanna Betzel)

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