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Roman Nights

Author(s): Burns, Ron Pages: 340
Publisher: St Martin's Press Date of Publication: 1991
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Rome Period: t/o M Aurelius (180 AD) (Code: 8a)
Rome Setting: y Christian/Jewish/Pagan:
Mystery: Y First Person: Y
Detective/Narrator: Livinius Severus
Subject: While Aurelius is off defending the borders, Stoic philosophers are being murdered. Amid Imperial decline, Severus investigates. Quotes from AureliusÕ Meditations
Unique Qualities:
Rating: poor hist; ok fict; Heli rates 1 star (of 4) Livinius Severus, son-in-law of a senator, gets involved in the murder of a young woman. We meet various members of decadent Roman society - Domitian, young Stoics and a party animal named Trimalchio! Unfortunately, the style of writing is so turgid that I didnÕt care what happened to Severus, his wife or any other character. It is sad when evil is this boring. (R Breindel)
Review By: Mench
Review In: CW

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