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To search, fill in one or more of the fields. The fields will work in conjunction with one another to get the most specific results. For example, to find all entries by Steven Saylor, fill in Saylor in the "Last Name" field. Note that you will also get results for entries by Carol Saylor. Further instructions and examples are listed below.

When you have filled in all the appropriate fields, hit the Search button.

Last Name:
Date of Publication:
All Publications Before:
All Publications After:
Period Code: Help?
Mystery: yes no all
First Person: yes no all
Christian/Jewish/Pagan: C J P
Rome Setting:

If you want to see all the entries that are mysteries, check "yes" next to Mystery. If you want all the entries that involve or are set in the time of Julius Caesar, fill in "Julius Caesar" or "Caesar" in the Subject or Period field. If you want Caesar novels but none that are mysteries, fill in "Caesar" and in the Mystery line, "no".

If you want all the entries published in 1947 then enter that date in the appropriate field. To find all the entries published within a certain time period, use the All Publications Before in conjunction with All Publications After to bracket your period. (e.g., for all the novels published 1940-1950, enter 1951 in the Before & 1939 in the After boxes).

If you want to check which entries are appropriate for younger readers, enter YA (for Young Adult) in the box marked LEVEL. If you use this in conjunction with subject matter (e.g., Caesar) or period (e.g. BC), you can summon up just those young adult books which are about Caesar or are set BC rather than AD.

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