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Roman Emperors
Caesar, Julius (100 - 44 BC)

Julius Caesar lived from 100 until 44 B.C. He was the infamous politican and writer who made a pathway for the development of the Roman Empire. He was married to Pompeia, a relative of Pompey.

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Louise Lamprey's Children of Ancient Gaul
Isabelle Lawrence's Gift of the Golden Cup, The
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Kathleen Lindsay's Render Unto Caesar
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A. C. Tassie's Death of a Blue Hero
Anna Taylor's Gods Are Not Mocked, The
Henry Treece's Death of a Hero
Henry Treece's War Dog
Harry Turtledove's Misplaced Legion, The
Rex Warner's Imperial Caesar
Rex Warner's Young Caesar, The
R.F. Wells's On Land and Sea With Caesar; or, Following the Eagles
R.F. Wells's With Caesar's Legions: The Adventures of Two Roman Youths in the Conquest of Gaul
Wallace West's River of time
Theodore H White's Caesar at the Rubicon
Albert Carlton Whitehead's Standard Bearer, The
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Derek Winn's I Served Caesar

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