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Further information about the Novel Database:

All the novels in the database have now been coded acccording to period, so that you will be able to type in (e.g.) 5 and get all the novels set in the late republic or 7b and get all the novels about the Julio-Claudians. You can still get all the novels about Augustus by typing his name into the subject field of the search form, but the modification gives greater flexibility to the search. There are still some novels that we do not have precise dates for, so any that you spot that have nothing in PERIOD or have just Roman Empire or AD, if you know the exact time of the action, please let us know.

Currently, the novel database is a single, undifferentiated unit. As soon as I can, I will break this into more manageable units to permit faster searching & easier browsing, starting first with a division of the novels into Christian-oriented and not Christian-oriented. Later I will make some other separate databases for (e.g.) Roman Britain.

Currently, the novel database includes a number of titles for which I have inadequate information. Some of these may be non-fiction, some may be non-Roman and some may well be Roman fiction but I simply lack some needed details (e.g., number of pages). I will work on separating out these into a database that you can help correct if there are titles you are familiar with. Please let me know if you spot mistakes or if you can fill in information that is missing.

Brief Explanation of Period Code Searching

Readers may search for all novels set in a specific period by entering an appropriate code from the list below into the Period Code field of the Search Form. For example, to get a list of novels set in the time of Nero (whether Nero is a character or not), enter 7b5. To get all the Julio-Claudians, enter 7b. The entire middle empire period (161-305), 8.

Categories for Historical Novel Data Bases

Period Codes:

1 = pre-monarchy

2 = monarchy (753-510 BC)

3 = early republic (509-219)

  • a = 509-265 (up to 1st Punic War)
  • b = 264-241 (1st PW)
  • c = 240-219 (between PWs)

4 = middle republic (218-91)

  • a = 218-201 (2nd PW)
  • b = 200-146 (thru 3rd PW)
  • c = 145-91 (thru Gracchi & Jugurtha/Celts)

5 = late republic (90-28)

  • a = 90-88 (Social War, 1st Mithridatic War)
  • b = 87-81 (Marius vs Sulla)
  • c = 80-61 (3rd MithrW, Spartacus/73, Pirates, Pompey/Crassus cos/70, Catiline/63)
  • d = 60-44 (Caesar, Gaul, Catullus, Civil War)
  • e = 43-27 (2nd triumvirate)

6 = Augustan Age (27-14 AD)

  • a = Rome & West

7 = early empire (15-160)

  • a = Jesus (c. 4 BC-29 AD)
  • b = 15-68 (Julio-Claudians: 1-Tiberius/37, 2-Caligula/41, 3-St Paul(40-50), 4-Claudius/54, 5-Nero)
  • c = 69-96 (Flavians:1-Vespasian/79, 2-JerusalemFall/70, 3- Titus/81, 4-Domitian/96)
  • d = 97-160 4 Good emperors (1-Trajan/117, 2-Hadrian/138, 3-Pius/160

8 = middle empire (161-305)

  • a = 161-180 (M Aurelius, Parthian war)
  • b = 181-235 (1-Commodus/192, Severus/211, Caracalla/217, 2-Elegabalus/222, Severus Alexander/235)
  • c = 236-305 (1- Decius/249-251, 2-Aurelian/270-275, 3-Diocletian/284-305)

9 = late empire (307-565+)

  • a = 307-337 (Constantine)
  • b = 338-410 (1-Julian/360-363, 2-Alaric/-410)
  • c = 411-526 (1-Theodosius II/408-450, 2-Attila/-453, 3-RomeFall/476)
  • d = 527-565 (Justinian)
  • e = after 565

Further information about the Short Story Database:

Currently, this site is concentrating on novels. The short story database is essentially just as it comes from Stefan Cramme’s data with a few additions. Consequently, all the annotations are still in German. Dates ending in v(or) = BC, in n(ach) = AD. It is unlikely that I will get to changing into English any of this material for some time, but I am always glad to add any new stories that you can supply. The basic criterion, until refined: Does it fall within the confines of the Roman world? In time, that is basically between 750 BC and 600 AD. In space, any area that was in the Roman sphere of influence. Eventually, stories (and novels) that seem too peripheral will be pruned out (perhaps to go into Peripheral database, stocked with stories in which Romans & things Roman play a very small part).

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