ECOSTOCK 2006 Conference Proceedings

Energy Studies

ECOSTOCK 2006 Conference Proceedings

Plenary Session
Volkmar Lottner IEA Energy Conservation Through Energy Storage Implementing Agreement Overview - Presentation
Imre Gyuk Overview of Technology Storage - Presentation
Masaya Okumiya Sustainable Cooling with Thermal Energy Storage From IEA ECES Annex 14 to IEA ECES Annex 2 - Presentation
General Overviews
Signhild Gehlin Promoting TES in Sweden - Presentation
Edward Morofsky Underground Thermal Energy Storage in Canada - Presentation
Astrid Wille R+D Programme on TES in Germany - Presentation
General and Underground Thermal Energy Storage Overviews
Hunay Evliya TES in Turkey - Presentation
Aart L. Snijders ATES market development in the Netherlands - Presentation
Johan Desmedt Status of underground thermal energy storage in Belgium - Presentation
Kirsti Midttømme Status of UTES in Norway - Presentation
Phase change Materials/Thermochemical Storage/Solar Overviews
Mark MacCracken Commerialization of TES in USA - Presentation
Luisa Cabeza Thermal Energy Storage in Spain - Presentation
Roman Domonski TES in Poland - Presentaion not available
Victoria Martin Annex 18 Transporation of Energy by Utilizing Thermal Energy Storage Technology - Presentation
Topics in Underground Thermal Energy Storage

Peter Seibt Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage: E-Projects Implemented in Germany

Bekir Turgut Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Application in Greenhouse climatisation
Xiaowei Xu Modeling of Vertical Ground Loop Heat Exchangers with variable convective Resistance and Thermal Mass of the Fluid
L. Sowers Impact of Thermal Buildup on Groundwater Chemistry and Aquifer Microbes
C. Epstein The Continued Warming of the Stockton Geothermal Well Field
Phase Change Materials/Thermochemical Storage/Solar
Takeshi Kondo Research on Thermal Storage using Rock Wool PCM Ceiling Board
Motoi Yamaha A Study on a Practical Measurement of Thermal Characteristics Phase Change Materials for Building Use
Hiroaki Kitano Mixing Model for Thermal Energy Storage Water Tank of Multi- Connected Mixing Type
Ozgul Gok Stabilization of Glauber’s salt with Support Materials and Using as Phase Change Material
Rui Xiao Experimental Investigation of the Pressure Drop of Clathrate Hydrates Slurry Flow of Tetra Butyl Ammonium, Bromide in Straight Pipes - Presentation
Maciej Jaworski A Novel Design of Heat Sink with PCM for Electronics Cooling - Presentation
Yutaka Kaneko Ventilation Performance if Solar Chimney with Built-in Latent Heat Storage
Robert De Boer Heat Storage System for Use in an Industrial Batch Process: (Results of) a Case Study
Underground Thermal Energy Storage Overviews
Hans Hoes Experiences with ATES Applications in Belgium - Presentation
Richard Shennan The Application of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage To a City Centre Carbon Emissions Reduction Programme at the South Kensington Cultural and Academic Estate, London, England - Presentation
M. Reuss 10 Years VDI 4640-German Guidelines for Ground Coupled Heat Pumps, UTES and Direct Thermal Use of the Underground - Presentation
Olof Andersson Ground-source heating and cooling - A significant contribution to CO2 reduction in Sweden - Presentation
Phase Change Materials/ Thermochemcial Storage/ Solar Overviews
Tadahiko Ibamoto TES in Japan - Presentation not Available
Andreas Hauer Overview of thermochemical storage - Presentation
M. MacCracken Ice Thermal Storage and LEED Gold - Presentation
Jean Christopher Hardon IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme Task 32 - Presentation
Underground Thermal Energy Storage
Fabian Ochs Effective Thermal conductivity of the Insulation of High Temperature Underground Thermal Stores During Operation - Presentation
Volker Liebel PE-X Borehole Heat Exchangers for High Temperature UTES Applications - Presentation
Ibrahim Dincer The Role of Thermal Energy Storage System In Sustainable Development
Wim van Helden PREHEAT: policy reinforcement for heat storage technologies in Europe - Presentation
Solar Applications
Janet Nussbicker Monitoring Results and Operational Experiences For a Central Solar District Heating System with Borehole Thermal Energy Store in Germany - Presentation
M. Reuss Solar District Heating with Seasonal Storage in Attenkirchen - Presentation
R. Velraj Experimental Investigation on a Combined Sensible and Latent Heat Storage Unite Integrated with Solar Water Heating Systems
W.P. Wong First Large-Scale Solar Seasonal Borehole Thermal Energy Storage in Canada - Presentation
Underground Thermal Energy Storage- Borehole Performance
Peter Platell Developing Work on Ground Heat Exchangers - Presentation
G.Yoon Development and Validation of Numerical Models of Borehole Heat Exchanger for GSHP - Presentation
A. M. Gustafsson Thermal Responce Test - Power Injection Dependence - Presentation
TES Systems
Ruy Spencer Lopes dos Santos Thermal Wind Solar Power Plant as a Solution of the Energy Security Supply Problem on Islands - Presentation
Sayaka Takeda Study on a Floor Supply Air Condition System with Thermal Energy Storage Using Granulated PCM - Presentation
S. Biloudeau Energy Management of a Chilled Water Plant Using Thermal Storage - Presentation
John S Andrepont Practical Developments in Sensible Heat Diurnal Cool Thermal Energy Storage (TES): Large Applications Low Temps Energy Efficiency, and Operating Plus Capital Savings - Presentation
Underground Thermal Energy Storage- Performance
Lynn Stiles Several Examples of UTES in the US - Presentation
Gopal Bandyopadhyay Thermal Study of a Large Ground Exchanger in Clay Soil In the Cold Weather Environment of Northern USA: Some Initial Findings - Presentation
T. Katsura Heat Transfer Experiment in the Ground with Ground Water Advection - Presentation
Phase Change Materials
T. Bauer PCM-Graphite Composites for High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage - Presentation
Stefan Gschwander Phase Change Slurries as heat transfer and storage fluids for cooling applications - Presentation
Mushin Mazman Binary mixtures of fatty acids with sodium acetate trihydrate to be used as PCM - Presentation
Andreas Heinz Application of Phase Change Materials and PCM slurries for thermal energy storage - Presentation
Underground Thermal Energy Storage
Johan Desmedt Case study of a BTES and energy piles application in a hospital
Katsunori Nagano A design and performance prediction of the ground source heat pump system at Soen campus of Sapporo City University
F. Anciaux Evaluation of Underground Energy Storage Performances In Belgium
M, Grein UTES Potential for space heating and cooling in Libya
Xiaobing Liu Enhancement of an Integrated Simulation Tool for Ground Source Heat Pump Systems
Phase Change Materials/Thermochemical Storage/Solar
Sayaka Takeda Snow Melting Performance of Ground Snow Melting Tank
R. Velraj Phase Change Material Based Thermal Storage for Energy Conservation in Building Architecture
Z. Yinping Our Research on Shape-Stabilized PCM in Energy Efficient Buildings
T. Urbaneck Optimal design of chiller units and cold water storages for district cooling systems - Presentation
Pablo Dolado Numerical simulation of the thermal behaviour of an Energy storage unit with phase change materials for free-cooling systems
Hector Suarez The Economic and Environmental Benefits of Diurnal Cool Storage for Universities of the PJM System
Paul Gantenbein Adsorption speed and mass transfer zone analysis of water vapor on the solid sorbent materials zeolite and silicagel with the focus on the heat exchanger design.
Albert Castell Use of vertical fins in PCM modules for Domestic Hot Water Tanks - Presentation
Masashi Momota A practical study on application of the commissioning to DHC in operation and maintenance stage
Jan Kosny PCM-Enhanced Cellulose Insulation Thermal Mass in Lightweight Natural Fibers - Presentation
Underground Thermal Energy Storage- Borehole Performance
R. Ooka Development of Numerical Model to Predict Heat Extraction and Injection Rate of Ground Heat Exchanger
Ioannis Zervantonakis Quality Requirements of a Thermal Response Test - Presentation
HJL Witte Geothermal Response Tests Using Controlled Multi- Power Level Heating and Cooling Pulses (MPL-HCP): Quantifying Ground Water Effects on Heat Transport Around a BHX - Presentation
Frank Cruickshanks Borehole Sealing in a Coaxial Heat Exchanger by Bentonite Treatment
Water and Ice Storage
Kjell Skogsberg Snow Cooling in Sweden
Ted Borer Chilled Water System Upgrades: Princeton's Thermal Energy Storage System-Wide Improvements - Presentation
Ken Sekiyama Methodologies of on-going commissioning for an existing building with VRV ice thermal storage system - Presentation
C. Johansson Distributed High Capacity Cold Storage in District Cooling Systems - Presentation
Underground Thermal Energy Storage- SCW and Foundation HX
Zheng D. O'Neill Modeling of Standing Column Wells in Ground Source Heat Pump Systems - Presentation
M.M. He Study of geothermal seasonal cooling storage system with energy piles - Presentation
K. Sekine The Development of Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pump with Ground Heat Exchanger utilizing Building's Cast-in-place Concrete Pile Foundations of Buildings - Presentation
Herdis Schnürer Thermal energy storage in office building foundations - Presentation
Ice Storage and Modeling of Thermal Energy Storage
Cristian Sole Economic energetic and exergetic study of a water tank including PCM modules inside - Presentation
Eva Günther Determination of the heat storage capacity of PCM and PCM-objects as a function of temperature - Presentation
Jacques Bony Extension of a TRNSYS model for latent heat storage with phase change materials used in solar water tank. - Presentation
H .Schranzhofer Validation of a TRNSYS simulation model for PCM energy storages and PCM wall construction elements - Presentation
Vincent Morrison Heat Transfer modeling within graphite/PCM compounds for high temperature storage - Presentation
Geothermal Systems
Brian Beatty Canada’s Largest BTES System: 74,000 m Borehole Field - Presentation
AJ van Gelder A Ground source energy plant for the new assembly for Wales - Presentation
HJL Witte A Very Large Distributed Ground Source Heat Pump Project of Domestic heating: Schoenmakershoek, Etten-Leur (The Netherlands) - Presentation
J.F. Urchueguia Comparative energy performance between a geothermal heat pump system and an air-to-water heat pump system for heating and cooling in typical conditions of the European Mediterranean coast -Presentation
Transportation of Energy by Utilization of Thermal Energy Storage Technology – Annex 18
Takumo Miyanaga Fundamental Study on “Thermal transportation system using ice & water by one-pipe loop system”
O. Sari Thermal Energy Transport and Storage with Phase Change Slurries: The Effective Thermal Conductivity
Georg Storch Cost-effectiveness of a heat energy distribution system based on mobile storage units: Two case studies -Presentation
Keiko Fujioka Experimental and simulation analysis of reactor design for chemical heat pump aiming to enhance thermal transportation - Presentation
Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage and TRT
Frank Kabus Two-Year Operational Experience in the Storage of Surplus Heat Arising from a Gas and Steam Cogeneration Plant in the Aquifer at the Site of Neubrandenburg (NE Germany) -Presentation
Fabian Ochs Soil/Water Pit Heat Store with Direct Charging System -Presentation
A.M. Gustafsson Thermal Response Test While Drilling - Presentation
Nick Buik Clogging of recharge wells in porous materials
Thermochemical Storage
Dagmar Jaehnig Thermo-Chemical Storage for Solar Space Heating in a Single-Family House -Presentation
Jochen Jänchen Optimization of thermochemical storage by dealumination of zeolitic storage materials
E. Laevemann Thermochemical Storage for Air-Conditioning Using Open Cycle Liquid Desiccant Technology -Presentation
Chris Bales Thermal Storage Using the Thermo-Chemical Accumulator - Presentation
Yukitaka Kato Packed Bed Reactor Demonstration of Magnesium Oxide/Water Chemical Heat Pump
Underground Thermal Energy Storage- General
Katsunori Nagano Feasibilty study of snow melting system using ground thermal energy in Japan
T, Schmidt New Steps in Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage in Germany -Presentation
William Fitch Using Solar Energy to Maximize the Efficiency of Geothermal Heat Pumps
Phase Change Materials in Buildings
C. Castellon Microencapsulated PCM for Buildings Application -Presentation
Paul Khulman Energy Efficient Thermal Energy Storage for DX Air Conditioning -Presentation
Raymond Johnson Thermal Mass Building Solutions - Presentation
Jochen Buschle Latent Heat Storage for process heat application -Presentation
Peter Schossig Microencapsulated Phase Change Materials as a cold storage - Presentation
Underground Thermal Energy Storage- General
Takao Katsura Development of a design and performance prediction tool for the ground source heat pump system -Presentation
V. Panthanlookaran CFD-Based Characterization and Design of Hot WaterSeasonal Heat Stores - Presentation
Addendum: Papers accepted but not presented
Zhao Qingzhu Application of Ice-Storage in China
Gao Qing Enhanced Heat Transfer for Vertical Borehole Ground Heat Exchangers
Gao Qing Experiment and Numerical Analysis of the Discontinuous Operation for Ground Heat Exchangers
Gao Qing Practice and Task Developing underground Thermal Energy Storage in China
Liu Zhongbao The Design and Operational analysis of Ground Source Heat Pump in Large – Scale Construction