First Announcement & Call for Papers

Energy Studies

May 31 – June 2, 2006

The Tenth International Conference on Thermal Energy Storage 

Ecostock 2006 Synopsis

“Thermal Storage Here and Now" with emphasis on coupling various thermal storage technologies, environmental benefits, and economic/financial benefits featuring practical applications

Sponsored by:
International Energy Agency, Energy Conservation through Energy Storage and U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Storage Program
 and The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

PURPOSE - to encourage awareness and solutions for energy conservation through energy storage. Major topics will include seasonal, diurnal, and short term storage technologies including; geothermal heat pumps systems and other underground thermal energy storage systems for heating and cooling commercial, industrial and institutional buildings, diurnal ice storage and other diurnal thermal storage systems; phase change materials for building and non building applications.

CONFERENCE LOCATION – The conference was held at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey which is an award winning Liberal Arts and Sciences College located in the midst of an environmentally and culturally unique area. The natural setting of the campus is within the New Jersey Pine Barrens, an ecologically diverse and highly regulated region, and only twelve miles from Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. The College is a leader in application of new and alternative technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel energy use. An exceptionally large 400-borehole BTES (closed-loop) geothermal heat pump system heats and cools the academic buildings since 1994. A 200 kW fuel cell (2002) and 20 kW of solar photovoltaics (1995) are fully operational. An Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage system for cooling five buildings, using cold water generated in the winter with a cooling tower and stored in an aquifer, is under design and may be under construction during the conference. Three buildings are in design or under construction with anticipation of Silver, Gold and possibly Platinum LEED certification.

"ATTENDEES INCLUDED" - Design professionals, government officials, manufacturers, environmental consultants, utility personnel and executives, and academic researchers.

PRESENTATION TOPICS – Over 130 oral and poster presentations on:

Underground thermal energy storage  
Phase change materials and thermal storage
Thermo chemical storage
Thermal seasonal storage
Diurnal storage
Latent and sensible heat storage
LEED (US Green Building Council rating system) and green buildings with thermal storage
Theories and design tools for thermal storage
Systems and applications using thermal storage
Ground source heat pump systems
Thermal storage and reducing greenhouse gas emissions