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Phases 1-3 (AKA 200 hour program)  Closed.  Notice of the new program will be posted soon.
24 Hour Pre-service Certification    -  C
 Stockton will not be offering the 24 hour class.  Details of the new 50 hour program are expected to be posted soon.  


 45 Hour ELA and Mathematics These courses are required for employed alternate route teachers pursuing elementary certification, but are open to preservice teachers with elementary certificates of eligibility.  We offer the ELA and Math courses over 8 live sessions in room J-228 of the Stockton Campus evenings (4:30-8:30) and weekend project work.  Tuition for each of these These highly rated courses is $450 and is not due at registration, but, rather, on the first or second night of the class.  Certified check or money order only, please.  

 The Alternate Route Program is changing.  The summer 2017 courses will be the last time these are offered by Stockton. 

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ELA  June 5- 28 (M & W 4:30-8:30 PM)

Math July 10- Aug 2 (M & W 4:30-8:30 PM)

  To check the status of your certificate process with the NJDOE, click here.

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Michael Hinman, Director of the Alternate Route To Teaching Program