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Alternate Route to Certification Information

Stockton has been a proud service provider for the Alternate Route To Teaching in NJ program for over 25 years. This program is a pathway for those who desire to teach in NJ, but have elected not to pursue a traditional teaching certificate.  

Please review all of the important information below if you are considering this option.  

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 Starting Point Information

 What is the Alternate Route Program?

New Regulations are to take effect September of 2017.  The DOE has stated that those who do not finish all of the phases by August 2017, will be subject to the new regulations of a 400 hour program.  There will be no "grandfathering" for those who do not complete all of the course requirements by August 2017 2017.  Therefore, Stockton has developed a two year program set to begin by September of 2017 which will be a graduate credit program.

Previous Program information: The Alternate Route (CE) program is a non-traditional teacher preparation program designed for those individuals who have complete undergraduate or graduate degrees with a 3.0 or higher GPA, but have not completed a formal teacher preparation program at an accredited college or university who wish to obtain the necessary training to become a NJ certified teacher.  A traditional program is referred to as a CEAS.  The Alternate Route Program is termed as a CE.

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What is the hotline to the NJDOE Office of Certification? 609-292-2070

Stockton doesn't offer the Alternate Route in Career and Technical Education.  Click here to see who does.  

Am I Eligible for the Alternate Route Program?

Completing the Alternate Route program requires that the following series of steps be taken by a prospective applicant in the order listed below.  

Step 1. Apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (CE) through the Office of Licensure and Academic Credentials (OLC).  The requirements for a CE are listed on this link.  They can be done in any order.  They include the completion of the 24 hour precertification course detailed here.  Click here to find the Praxis II tests that align to the CE you wish to earn.  Click here for information on the basic skills (also called Praxis Core or State Test) requirement. 

Step 2Once you earn your Certificate of Eligibility, apply for and accept employment in a contracted teaching position in a school willing to accept an Alternate Route Candidate.  The district then enters the teacher in the  Provisional Licensure Registration Management System (PLRMS) formally termed the Provisional Teacher Program (PTP) with the state. 

Step 3. The candidate then registers for the Alternate Route program directly with a provider of which Stockton University is one.  This is the 200 hour section (Phases 1-3).  Classes are held M&W nights from 4:30-8:30 at our centers: Stockton (Galloway Township Middle School) and Toms River High School North.  Tuition for the year is $2,000.  

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Michael Hinman, Director of the Alternate Route To Teaching Program