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Congratulations: you've completed all requirements and are ready to apply for certification. Please see the information below for each area of certification. 

If you are looking for information about seeking initial certification, please visit the Curriculum page of this web site.

Endorsement Information

(For SAC and Principal Endorsements, please contact Wendy Sage at (609) 626-3584)

Middle School Endorsements  

Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TOSD) 

Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDTC)

English as a Second Language (ESL)



 Application Information 

Your application MUST be signed in the presence of a Notary.

Complete one application for each certification or endorsement

Include your COMPLETE address: Street, City, State, Zip

Please type your information on the application. The application is a "Writeable PDF".



 Request Transcript

 Verification of Program Completion

OPI / WPT Test

Praxis II - NJ State required test
Hold Ctrl key, click and a new screen will open)


Questions or concerns, contact: Wendy Sage

(609) 626-3584        wendy.sage@stockton.edu

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