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New Jersey Residents Love Their “Shore,” Stockton-Zogby Poll Results Show


29.1 percent prefer Atlantic City; 28.3 percent said “The Jersey Shore” when given a choice of entertainment destinations


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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

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Galloway Twp., NJ –  The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey’s Stockton-Zogby Poll indicates that New Jersey residents love their Jersey Shore. As indicated by the Memorial Day weekend, when news reports estimated more than a million visitors flocked to New Jersey’s beach towns, this love spans most age groups, the poll shows. Additionally, the Cape May and Atlantic City areas hold special places in the hearts of New Jerseyans who visit the Jersey Shore, and residents will visit the coastal areas whenever they can: on vacations, weekend getaways or on day trips.


The data were among the highlights of the Stockton-Zogby Poll, a survey of New Jersey adults conducted from May 17, 2005 through May 22, 2005.  The survey, which made its debut with an Atlantic City visitor profile that drew national headlines, has a margin of error of just 3.2 percent.


According to the poll, New Jersey residents to the tune of 57.4 per cent would most like to visit either Atlantic City in particular (29.1 percent) or the Jersey Shore in general (28.3 percent,) and Cape May rounds out the top three New Jersey locales at 22%.


When asked their impression of the southern New Jersey shore as a vacation destination, an overwhelming 84 percent had a favorable impression (41.7 percent “very favorable,” 42.3 percent “somewhat favorable.”)  The respondents’ love for the Jersey Shore spans a wide age range. A full 36 percent of the 18 to 29 age group said they had a “very favorable” impression of the Jersey Shore as a vacation destination and 43 percent of those in the 50 to 64 age group said their impression was “very favorable.”


New Jerseyans will take their dose of Jersey Shore salt air any way they can, according to the survey. When asked what type of Jersey Shore visit they would consider 19.8 percent said “vacation,” 30.4 percent said “weekend getaway,” and 44.8 percent said “daytrip.”


In addition to Atlantic City, Cape May took a special place among the poll respondents.  When asked to indicate from a list of entertainment destinations the one they would most like to visit, 29.1 said Atlantic City, 28.3 said the Jersey Shore and 22.1 percent said Cape May.


Poll respondents said they would be likely to consider Cape May for a weekend getaway (47.5 percent,) for a daytrip (25.1 percent,) and for a vacation (21.4 percent.)


When asked what words respondents associated with Cape May, 55 percent said quiet/peaceful/relaxing; 44 percent said charming/quaint/cute; 19 percent mentioned its history.