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The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Recruits Education Professionals To Incorporate Greek Culture Into the Classroom


For Immediate Release

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

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GALLOWAY TWP., NJ – Stockton College’s Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies (ICHS) announces a new recruiting round for its Examined Life Program, a series of lectures, workshops and trips designed to help K-12 teachers introduce Greek culture into their classrooms.


Last spring 15 teachers participated in the first round of this program from Jan. 7 to May 6, including a study trip to the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Art and Archeology and a ten-day trip to Greece.  They learned about Greek history, culture, literature and art from a group of Stockton faculty, headed by Professors Mench and David Roessel, and a guest lecture from the Brandeis University Professor, Ann Koloski-Ostrow, who has headed the original version of the program for seven years in Boston.  They were assisted by Ms. Marina Koussoulis of Atlantic City High School.


This second round of the Stockton program will bring up to 20 new participants for a similar experience.  Any K-12 teacher (or administrator) in South Jersey is eligible to apply, with preference given to those who have never been to Greece.  There will be nine meetings on Wednesday evenings, from 6-9 P.M., plus one Saturday morning and one Wednesday afternoon (for the museum trip).  There is no charge for the lectures and workshops with the exception of the trip to Greece and participants can earn 60 professional development hours.


Those who took part in the first contingent have already incorporated some Greek elements into their teaching and additional material will be worked into the curriculum during the new school year this fall.  Participants were enthusiastic about the program, especially the guided study tour of ancient Greek sites, including Athens, Delphi and Olympia.  Course plans developed by participants will be available on the ICHS Web site to any interested teacher.  To participate in next spring’s Examined Life Program, contact Barbara Parks in the Arts and Humanities Program at (609) 652-4505, for detailed information and applications.

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