Portable Projection System Request Form
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Equipment Needed:
Projector Notebook Computer Floppy Drive CD ROM Drive
CD/RW DVD Combo Drive Zip Drive (250/100 MB) USB Memory Key Sound
Internet Connection
Dates and Times Requested:
  Software that will be used:
(If you need a particular software to be installed, please print out the Software Installation Form and mail and completed form to the Office of Computer and Telecommunication Services, D001. A two week notice is required for installations).
  Room that will be used in:
  Special Notes:

Please read the following terms before clicking on the submit button:

  • Notify Office ASAP of any schedule change
  • DO NOT install ANY software on the notebooks
  • Instructor is responsible for proper use & safe return of the equipment.
  • Give a least 1-week notice prior to date of reservation.