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The Panama Bilingue Program

Stockton University has been approved by the Panamanian Ministry of Education to offer training to teachers from Panama as part of the government’s Bilingue Initiative.  The Panama Bilingue initiative is a national effort to improve public education and economic development in the country by increasing the English language fluency of its citizens.  The goal of the program is to send as many as 10,000 Panamanian teachers over five years to different countries to develop teaching skills on bilingual educaiton.

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Stockton partnered with ELS Language Centers, one of the world's largest English Language schools, to provide conditional admission for international students who are academically qualified, but do not meet English language proficiency requirements at the time of application.  Stockton’s international students in the current cohort represent 10 countries: Saudi Arabia, Japan, Mexico, Gabon, Brazil, China, Turkey, South Korea, Colombia and Switzerland. 

Stockton Study Abroad students partner with international students taking English as a second language courses through the Cultural Navigators program. Stockton faculty members have volunteered to be a part of the homestay network, providing housing for the students. 

The mission of the Office of Global Engagement is to prepare our students for changing circumstances in a multicultural and interdependent world.  By serving as the gateway for cross-cultural learning we enrich the Stockton community and educational environment.

Our Vision: The Office of Global Engagement shall be an integral stakeholder in the development of the Stockton community as a globally engaged community, committed to the spirit of understanding, appreciating and promoting cross cultural relations.