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 Welcome to the Study Abroad page. From here, you can navigate to all the pertinent information regarding studying abroad: rates, destinations, and more. 
You're one step closer now to an experience that will last you a lifetime!
Application Deadlines
Spring: The 2nd Sunday of November    
Summer:  The 2nd Sunday of March
Fall: The 2nd Sunday of March

*The deadlines listed are for the Stockton application only.  You also will be responsible completing your selected Provider's application simutaneously, and adhering to any deadlines that they may have.
**Deadlines for petition programs vary, see more details here.

Announcements & Upcoming Events

Apply Now!
Application for Jeju National University Summer School (2018) is now open!

For the 6th year in a row, Stockton University has been invited to Jeju National University of South Korea to award a scholarship to four (4) Stockton students for an all-expense paid study abroad program at its summer international school. The 4 selected students will spend 3 weeks at Jeju National University. Click here for the application.

Study Abroad 101 Workshop
In this workshop, we provide all basic information about how to make study abroad happens, topics such as cost and scholarship opportunities, how to apply, and which provider to choose.  No RSVP needed, for more information, please contact our Study Abroad Advisor Natalja Manger.
Main Campus (tbd)   4:30 - 6:00 p.m.

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Stockton Travel Advisory
Zika Virus Travel Advisory - Mar.2016

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Getting Started   Providers
Study Abroad 101: Video Orientation
Search Programs
Preparation before you go
  Stockton utilizes an approved list of Study Abroad Providers, who create and manage the programs abroad. If you wish to use a different provider, please click here for more information and file a petition.
Students' Blogs   Scholarship & Funding
Stockton's Study Abroad Students sharing their amazing oversea experience.

See Blogs
  Read about Stockton Study Abroad Scholarship, Providers' scholarship and other funding opportunities that are exclusive for Study Abroad Students!
More information
Faculty-Led Program   Cost
Getting to know more about Faculty Led Tour at Stockton. What tours are available? How to apply? What are the requirements? And much more! 
How to apply
  One of the most pressing issues that parents and students are concerned with is cost: How much will it cost to study abroad?
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Faculty   Returnees

Do you want to design your own program to enhance your program curriculum? Click here to find out how.

  Welcome back! Returning to Stockton is not the end of your advature! Check here for some helpful information and events that are designated for our returnees.