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"We’ve been interested in energy conservation in buildings since the early 1970s. We studied geothermal designs in the 1980s and actually began using a geothermal system on our own campus in the early 1990s."

This is Dr. Lynn F. Stiles, Emeritus Professor of Physics at Stockton University. He is describing the background behind the installation of one of the world’s largest single closed loop geothermal HVAC systems, totaling 1,741 tons of installed geothermal heating/cooling capacity. The University in Galloway, New Jersey, now uses a large number of heat exchange wells and water source heat pump (WSHP) units to serve the heating and cooling needs of a growing campus. Following the success of the initial project, geothermal systems were installed at six other locations, some at existing buildings and others in new construction, bringing the total capacity to 2389 tons.

Other energy conservation and renewable energy projects followed. SOLAR PANELS operate at five locations on campus.

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