1998 Geothermal Conference Proceedings

Energy Studies

The Second Stockton International Geothermal Conference
March 16 and 17, 1998
All conference proceeding documents are presented in Adobe PDF format.

Economic Case Studies

ATES at Carleton University: Success or Failure; A Case Study
Frederick A. Michel

Richard Stockton GHP System: A Case Study of Energy and Financial Savings
L. Stiles, K. Harrison, and H. Taylor

Thermal Properties of Boreholes

How Can Geophysical Exploration Help to Determine GSHP Ground Properties?
Burkhard Sanner and Abbas Mohamed Abbas

Thermal Response Tests of Boreholes - Results from In Situ Measurements
Signhild Gehlin and Bo Nordell

Thermal Performance of Borehole Heat Exchangers
Göran Hellström

Environmental Externalities

Effects of a Large Scale Geothermal Heat Pump Installation on Aquifer Microbiota.
Karen P. York, Z.M.G. Sarwar Jahangir, Titiana Solomon, and Linda Stafford

Geothermal Heat Pump Systems are “Red-Hot” But are They Really “Green”?
Richard C. Niess

Technical Research and Development

Impact of Groundwater Flow on the Stockton Geothermal Well Field
Claude M. Epstein

Winter Air as a Source for Cold Storage Injection
Bo Nordell and Derya Dikici

Technology and the Market

Reliable Long Term Performance of BHE Systems and Market Penetration - The Swiss Success Story
L. Rybach and W.J. Eugster

Why Non-Pressurized Flow Centers are Gaining Widespread Acceptance in the Geoexchange Market
John D. Manning

Environmental Regulations

Guidelines for the Construction of Vertical Boreholes for Closed Loop Heat Pump Systems
Kevin B. McCray

Anti-Freeze Fluid Environmental and Health Evaluation - An Update
Everett W. Heinonen, Maurice W. Wildin, Andrew N. Beall, and Robert E. Tapscott

Survey of Geothermal Heat Pump Regulations in the United States
Karen Den Braven

Innovations and New Applications

Open-Loop Geothermal Heat Pump Systems in the USA and Aquifer Cold Storage in The Netherlands - Similiarities and Differences
Guus Willemsen

Water Driven Down-The-Hole Well Drilling Equipment for Hard Rock
Bo Nordell, Kent Fjällstr?m, and Lars Öderyd

Plenary: International

Ten Years with the IEA: The Energy Storage and Heat Pumping Programs - Experiences and Impressions
Björn Sellberg

New IEA-Activity ECES Annex 12: “High Temperature Underground Thermal Energy Storage"
Burkhard Sanner and Klaus Knoblich

International Projects

Field Heating and Space Cooling at “Gelredome” Multifunctional Stadium in Arnhem; An Example of Heat-Pump Application in The Netherlands
Guido Bakema and Aart L. Snijders

Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage System for Cooling and Heating of ?ukurova University Balcali Hospital
Halime Paksoy, Olof Andersson, Hunay Evliya, and ?aziye Abaci

Sussex Health Centre Update; Optimising an Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage System
Frank Cruickshanks and Ernest Adsett

Underground Thermal Energy Storage in Poland
D. Chwieduk

Hybrid Systems

Energy Balance of Low Energy House with GHPS in Hokkaido
Yasuhiro Hamada, Kiyoshi Ochifuji, Makoto Nakamura, and Katsunori Nagano

Advantages of Using the Hybrid Geothermal Option
J.B. Singh and Gustav Foster, Jr.

A New Concept of a Hybrid Storage System for Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage in Solar District Heating
M. Reuss, J. P. Mueller, B. Roehle, M. Weckler, and W. Schoelkopf

Prospects of Snow Melting System (SMS) Using Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES) in Japan
Kinya Iwamoto, Shigeyuki Nagasaka, Yasuhiro Hamada, Makoto Nakamura, Kiyoshi Ochifuji, and Katsunori Nagano

Computer Simulation and Modeling

Modeling Protocol for Successful Simulations of Flow and Heat Transport in ATES Systems
Diana M. Allen

Simulation of Stockton Well Field Using Lund Model
Sipra Pal, Lynn Stiles, and Conan Mowbray

Four Year Energy Analysis of the Stockton College Geothermal HVAC Retrofit
Harold E. Taylor, Pibero Djawotho, and Lynn Stiles

Increasing Confidence in Geothermal Heat Pump Design Methods
John A. Shonder and Patrick J. Hughes


Technical Description of the Stockton College Geothermal HVAC Retrofit
Harold E. Taylor, Lynn Stiles, and William Hemphill

Heat and Mass Transfer Model of a Ground Heat Exchanger
Mirek Piechowski