Financial Aid Cost Calculator

This worksheet was developed to assist you with deciding the amount of financial aid you may need to meet your education costs for the 2019-2020 academic year and will provide you with a more practical approach to budgeting your education.

1. I will be attending Stockton as:
    Graduate - Communication Disorder
    Graduate - Instructional Technology
    Graduate - Master of Occupational Therapy
    Graduate - Social Work
    Doctorate - Organizational Leadership
    Doctorate - Physical Therapy
2. My legal state of residence:
    New Jersey
    Out of State
3. When I attend Stockton, I will live:
    With Parents
4. Financial Aid awards:
  Using your Financial Aid award notification or accessing your financial aid awards at this website, please provide the total amount of financial aid you will be accepting for the ACADEMIC YEAR. (Do not include Federal Work Study. Federal Work Study is money that is earned through payroll ) OR -You may enter your anticipated financial aid awards and scholarships if you have not filed your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) yet.
  Total Financial Aid Awards: $ (Whole dollars, no "$" or ",")