Roger Wood

Roger Wood is Professor of Zoology and a “Mayflower” member of Stockton’s faculty. He married President Bjork’s secretary in 1974. He and his wife had two sons, the younger of whom died at age 17 from brain cancer. He chaired the college’s first self-study steering committee, which resulted in accreditation for Stockton from the Middle States Association. He also served as the first president of the Faculty Assembly and has served on and chaired the college’s R&PD. For more than a quarter of a century he has been affiliated with the Wetlands Institute, first as President of the Corporation and Chairman of the Board of Trustees and, since 1993, Director of the Institute’s Conservation and Research Program. He directs the Institute’s Coastal Conservation and Research Program which has involved more than 200 undergraduate students from more than 100 different colleges and universities, as well as 20 participants from Southeast Asia, in summer research activities.