When I try to create spaces between lines of text the editor adds two spaces instead on just one.
To create a single line of space hold in the SHIFT key on your keyboard and then press the ENTER key.

I'm unable to change the font or size of a line of text, nothing happens when I try to change it.
Highlight the text you want to change and use the "remove format" icon on the toolbar . After you clear the formatting you should be able to make changes to the text.

How do you align text into columns?
You can align text into columns and rows by creating a table using the table icon on the eyos toolbar. Using tables to align text is not necessarily easy and may require a great deal of trial and error.

I want to learn how to add images into my web pages.
Please sign up for the "Web Ready Images" technology training class offered by Computer Services.

My eyos editor appears blue in color and does not have some of the features shown in this tutorial, is something wrong.
This tutorial covers the latest version of the eyos page editor. A small handful of sites within the eyos system don't yet use this editor version due to compatibility issues. However, we are working to every site set up by January 2009. If you are experiencing problems with using the older editor, please contact the eyos support staff.

I need to give permission for a staff or faculty member to modify our website. Should I give them my password?
No, never give out your account information. Please email us and request that an Eyos account be created for your new staff member.

Have a question that hasn't been answered?
Contact the Eyos support staff.
  Lou Regan - #4947
  Adam Nowalsky - #4448


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