2013 Study Tour

Holocaust Resource Center


Stockton College
Study Tour

Germany and the Netherlands,
March 10-20, 2013


Itinerary (PDF format)

What is a Study Tour?

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For students, study tours offer the opportunity to learn while traveling off campus under the direction of Stockton faculty.  Study tours are more structured and shorter than study abroad.  The 2013 Stockton Study Tour to Germany and the Netherlands is not intended for students, but rather for members of the community as well as Stockton administrators and faculty who wish to experience a study tour similar to those offered regularly by the Holocaust and Genocide Studies programs.  The group will be accompanied by Holocaust Survivors and led by experienced faculty and staff with an expertise in the subject matter.  Unlike the student study tours, participants do not sign up for credit-bearing courses and are not required to submit assignments.  However, a readings packet will be provided at the beginning of the trip, and lists of recommended readings and films will be distributed as well.
Overview of the 2013 Study Tour

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The 2013 Stockton Study Tour to Germany and the Netherlands has as its main focus the history of the Third Reich, World War II, and the Holocaust.  The regular Stockton Study Tours on these topics visit different sites each time, with the curriculum tailored to the historical events at those sites.   This year we will be traveling to the following cities:

•    Munich, Germany, where Hitler began his political career after World War I, and where the Nazi Party got its start
•    Nuremberg, where the Nazi Party held is annual rallies at massive festival grounds that were specially constructed for the purpose; also the site of the post-war International Military Tribunal of Nazi leaders (The “Nuremberg Trials”)
•    Buchenwald Concentration Camp Memorial, one of the largest Nazi concentration camps on German soil.  After the defeat of the Nazis, the Soviet Military used part of the site as an internment facility for former Nazis and other German prisoners.
•    Berlin, Capital of Germany and therefore seat of power for the Nazis after their ascension to power in 1933.  Berlin was the center of much of the planning and implementation of a war of aggression, the persecution of the opposition, and the program of mass murder known today as the Holocaust
•    Amsterdam, the Dutch seat of government, which was occupied by the Nazis during the war.

For more specific information about the sites we will visit in each city along the way, see the itinerary.

The 2013 Stockton Study Tour will be led by experienced, knowledgeable faculty and staff of the Richard Stockton College.  They have led numerous study tours over the years.
•    Dr. Michael Hayse is Associate Professor of Historical Studies and Director of the Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies.
•    Gail Rosenthal is Director of the Sara and Sam Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center.
•    Dr. Carol Rittner is Distinguished Professor of Holocaust and Genocide. Studies and the Dr. Marsha Raticoff Grossman Professor of Holocaust Studies.
•    Dr. Jan Colijn is Dean of General Studies and Professor of Political Science.

Two Holocaust survivors will accompany the 2013 study tour, sharing their unique experiences and insights as eyewitnesses to the historical events we will be tracing.
Important Information

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Important information (PDF)

Packing and luggage (PDF)

Weather (PDF)

Security (PDF)

Making the trip enjoyable (PDF)

Webcams where you can view some of the sites  we are visiting in real time. (pdf)


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